LIONEL GAGET Xiii (original Soundtrack)


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-Music by multi-instrumentalist Lionel Gaget
-2020 remastered soundtrack; tracks featured in the 2003 original

Who could forget the BAMs, the BLAMs, and the BAOMMs?!

Ubisoft, Microids and Laced Records have conspired to bring the fabulously percussion-heavy music of XIII to vinyl.

Based on the graphic novel by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, the 2003 cult first-person shooter adopted a cel-shaded look and visual onomatopoeia to set it apart. Mixing action, stealth, and exploration, XIII is chock full of conspiracy, assassination, and plot twists.

French composer Lionel Gaget created a superb spy-jazz soundtrack that fuses John Barry’s ‘60s James Bond musical blueprint with David Holmes’ Ocean’s Eleven instrumental funk. The 11 specially remastered tracks on the LP — featured in both the 2003 and 2020 versions of the game — are stuffed full of first-class percussion, deep bass and subtle jazz stings.

Side A
Kellownee Lake
FBI Headquarters
Bristol Suites Hotel
Rocky Mountains
Winslow Bank
USS Patriot

Side B
Plain Rock Canyons
Emerald Military Base
Willard’s Estate
Brighton Beach

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