ISAO SUZUKI TRIO / QUARTET – TSUYOSHI YAMAMOTO TRIO The Three Blind Mice 45 Box 180g 45rpm 6LP Box

45rpm 180g 6LP Box Set including:

Isao Suzuki Trio / Quartet: Blow-Up
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio: Midnight Sugar
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio: Misty

•Mastered by Tohru Kotetsu (Misty, Midnight Sugar) & Kevin Gray (Blow Up)

•Pressed at RTI


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Isao Suzuki’s Blow-Up is virtuosity and class all rolled up into one! A great combination of upbeat blues and mellow grooves, the album was awarded the ‘Jazz of Japan Award’ and the ‘Jazz Disk Award’ from Swing Journal in 1973.

The Yamamoto Trio’s Midnight Sugar was recorded on March 1, 1974 at Aoi Studio, Tokyo. On Midnight Sugar the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio plays two of Tsuyoshi’s own blues improvisations followed by jazz ballads that became standards for the Trio. It earned the ‘Best Engineering Award’ and ‘Jazz Disc Award’ from Swing Journal in 1974. It is Yamamoto’s unmistakable skill and his jazz feeling which adds that certain touch of liveliness and spontaneity and makes Midnight Sugar a unique experience of the highest order.

The Yamamoto Trio’s Misty is a stone cold killer and top of the line reference material recorded at Aoi Studio in Tokyo, on August 7, 1974. Touring with the Micky Curtis Band through France, England and Switzerland, Yamamoto had the chance to explore several international experiences that he would later use as inspiration here. Misty earned both the ‘Best Engineering Award’ and ‘Jazz Disk Award’ from Swing Journal in 1974. Yamamoto is highly musical and his expressions are natural here, neither overly technical nor serious, his performance is both relaxed and melodious.

Isao Suzuki, bass & cello
Kunihiko Sugano, piano 
Takashi Mizuhashi, bass
George Otsuka, drums

Misty & Midnight Sugar: 
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, piano
Isoo Fukui, bass
Tetsujiro Obara, drums

• 180g 45rpm 6LP box set
• Mastered by Tohru Kotetsu & Kevin Gray
• Pressed at RTI
• Deluxe four-color insert with session photos & brand new notes by Tom Schnabel
• New full-cover wood box, newly rendered LP jackets 

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