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Part of BBE Music’s ‘Tabansi Gold’ African reissue series, Eric Kol’s rare boogie / disco album ‘Today’ epitomises Nigeria on the musical move in the early 80s. With the slow but relentless shrinkage of old-school musical talent and withdrawal of international record company financing following the Biafran war as well as changing tastes, both in Yoruba as well as Igbo and other communities, consumers wanted a home-grown version of what they could hear on American and European airwaves. Enter seasoned soulful vocalist Eric Kol, multi-instrumentalist and all-round arranging talent Jake Sollo (ex Funkees, Osibisa, etc.) and Lagos studio pioneer Chief Tabansi, plus crew. Jake Sollo’s synth-boogie magic can be heard to best effect on ‘Rain In My Heart’ and ‘You’re My Solution’ (a big local radio hit back then). Meanwhile, the ‘strings’n’things’ disco vibe is resplendent in ‘the opener ‘Let Your love Rule My World’, whilst ‘I’ll Sing A Song’ deepens the tempo with a soulful ballad arrangement.This is the first fully authorised vinyl reissue of a boogie classic

Side A
A1. Let Your Love Rule My World
A2. Where The Wind Blows

Side B
B1. Rain In My Heart
B2. I Will Sing A Song

Side C
C1. Let The Music Play
C2. It’s Gonna Be Bright

Side D
D3. You’re My Solution
D4. I’ll Sing A Song (Instrumental)

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