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· Squarepusher keeps us on our toes by dropping new EP Lamental hot on the heels of his first album in five years, Be up a Hello. Whereas that album was full of whirlwind breakbeats and tense atmospheres, this new set of tunes contains some of the stateliest and most emotive production that Squarepusher has presented us with in some time.
· On Lamental, Squarepusher shifts the focus away from rhythm and towards harmony. Indeed, two of the contain little or no percussion.
· Even when beats are introduced Lamental is a more measured version of Squarepusher’s style. However, you never get the sense that these tracks will pull the rug out from under your feet, their elegant synths marching on with the same command that one finds in Jean-Michel Jarre’s best work.
· Squarepusher’s Lamental EP is a ruminative delight from a consistent innovator.