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RECORD REViRGiNiZER is a viscous, non-toxic liquid that is poured onto a vinyl record. It is then massaged into the records surface and left to set. After setting it is easily peeled from the records surface, at the same time taking all the microscopic contaminants with it; it’s a bit like a facemask…but for vinyl records!
REViRGiNiZER is formulated with just the right elasticity to remove all the embedded material, but at the same time it does not leave any residue, nor does it damage your vinyl in any way. The anti-static properties of the formula ensure that once the film is pealed off your vinyl will be static free. You can clean and restore your records close to their original condition and in some cases (due to residue left behind from the manufacturing mould release compounds) it can actually improve the sound of a brand new record as well.
With a REViRGiNiZER treatment your music will have a superior depth and clarity; this is another reason vinyl is enjoyed by audiophiles worldwide.

One 500 ml bottle of RECORD REViRGiNiZER will restore both sides of up to 16 double sided 12” LP’s. We recommend that the first time you use REViRGiNiZER you use 20ml per side, just to get a feel for how the polymer spreads over the vinyl surface. After you have used REViRGiNiZER once or twice you can reduce the amount of fluid to 15ml per side.

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