VERA ELLEN It’s Your Birthday (coloured)


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“If you can imagine, you’re twenty years old and you write about some dreadful personal turmoil, and now you’re twenty five and you think, let me just share that with everyone I know and a few strangers while we are at it. If I am honest, I’m a little terrified about having this record out in the world. It feels very exposing. At this point I may as well become a nudist.” 

1. Always Always
2. Telegram 2
3. It’s Your Birthday
4. Yuppie Farm
5. YOU!
6. Crack The Whip
7. It’s Good, It’s Simple
8. I Want 2 B Boy
9. The Language of Flowers
10. Godspeed
11. Stuck w Me
12. Heart in Reaction
13. Where The Sun
14. Joy

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