VA Mello Music Group presents Mandala (gold splatter, ltd to 800)


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01 No Design To This (feat. Fredro Starr & Audible Doctor)
02 The Lost Nova (feat. Mr. Lif, John Robinson, L’Orange)
03 Supreme Codeine (feat. Quelle Chris, Miz Korona, T. Calmese, Nick Speed)
04 Le Boulevard Montmarte (feat. Oddisee)
05 Invisible Walls (feat. Oddisee)
06 The Pain Is Gone (feat. Murs & Apollo Brown)
07 Brick Walls & Blurry Faces (feat. Castle, Blueprint, L’Orange)
08 Going Swell (feat. Quelle Chris)
09 You Are Safe Now (feat. Milo & L’Orange)
10 The Last Real One (feat. Wise Intelligent, Has-Lo & Audible Doctor)
11 Nothing Has A Never (feat. Oddisee)
12 Space Age Love (feat. Audible Doctor)
13 Juk (feat. Stik Figa, Rapper Big Pooh, Duke Westlake)
14 Crazy High (feat. Oddisee)
15 Lost Children (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Duke Westlake)

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