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The Chills are one of New Zealand’s most iconic guitar pop bands of any era. They started out in the ’80s making a consistent series of chiming, hook-laden guitar pop records for the Flying Nun label, then bumping the production values up for a couple albums (notably 1990’s Submarine Bells) on Slash. The band’s songs and the arrangements were constructed with interweaving guitar hooks and vocal harmonies, creating a pretty, almost lush, sound that never fell into cloying sentimentality. The Chills’ personnel changed frequently — there were more than ten different lineups — with the only constant member being singer/songwriter Martin Phillipps, the band’s founder. When he hit some health roadblocks in the ’90s, the band took an extended break and Phillipps made music sporadically, before returing in the 2010’s for two comeback albums; one of which (2018’s Snow Bound) stands with the band’s best work to date.

01 Rocket Science
02 Lost In Space
03 Molten Gold
04 Pink Frost 13
05 Eazy Peazy
06 Conversation Piece

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