NEW HORIZON True Love (pt. 1 & 2)


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Originally released on a styrene 7” only, a format that was cheaper than vinyl but suffers from cue burn and a limited number of plays. Rain&Shine present a re-mastered and officially licensed vinyl 45, sure to appeal to even deep collectors who need to re-up on a high quality version for DJ play. New Horizon was the youngest band signed to Creative Funk Enterprises, a subsidiary label of Adelia Records. The group was from Laurelton, Queens, NY. The majority of New Horizon were barely 20 years of age, and when lead vocalist Sheila Petty heard the track, she felt a flow that inspired the lyric of a hot summer day of “True Love” . The melody and Sheila’s lyric flowed so smoothly with the track, made it effortless to record.Producer Gary DeBerry Sr. says “The session was full of creativity. There was a lot a magic that was spontaneous in part II of “True Love”. The groove was hot and the band stayed in the moment during the recording. As a Producer you have to know when to let the musicians play on when they are in the “ZONE.” The label took a chance on this first recording on New Horizon. That’s why it was on styrene instead of vinyl, to see how well it would do. Unfortunately the band disbanded a year later.

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