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Startisha introduces Naeem as a restlessly creative artist with an impressionistic, genre-bending album. As a complete work, Startisha exemplifies artistic daring and emotional intelligence while exploring new ideas and sounds, and philosophically excavating the artist’s histories. Startisha may be loaded with impressive collaborations and left-field sounds, but don’t get it twisted—this music comes straight from Naeem’s heart, representing the journey he’s taken to get to this point as well as what lies in the future for him.

Guest vocalist: Swamp Dogg, Amanda Blank, Micah James, Velvet Negroni
Backing vocals: Rachael Cantu, Francis, Chris Bierden, Velvet Negroni, Justin Vernon
Justin Vernon – additional instruments and production
Francis Farewell Starlite – Additional Synth, Piano
CJ Camerieri – Trumpet and French Horn
Kirin J Callinan, Max Steen – Guitar
Chris Bierden – Bass

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