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This is the first vinyl re-issue of Marc Almond’s 4th solo album, “The Stars We Are”, since the album’s original release in September 1988. This re-issue is a limited edition double vinyl that couples the original album with a second record that compiles together all the B-sides of the associated singles as well as two first-time-on-vinyl extended versions of album tracks ‘The Stars We Are’ (Full Length Version) and ‘These My Dreams Are Yours’ (Through The Night Mix). The final extra track included is Marc’s solo version of ‘Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart’, which after the album’s original release, was re-recorded with the 1967 hit song’s original singer Gene Pitney, creating a duet that became a UK #1 single for four weeks in early 1989

Side One
1. The Stars We Are
2. These My Dreams Are Yours
3. Bitter-Sweet
4. Only The Moment
5. Your Kisses Burn (Featuring Special Guest Star Nico)

Side Two
1. The Very Last Pearl
2. Tears Run Rings
3. Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Featuring Special Guest Star Gene Pitney)
4. The Sensualist
5. She Took My Soul In Istanbul

B-Sides And Alternative Versions

Side Three
1. The Frost Comes Tomorrow
2. Kept Boy (Featuring Special Guest Star Agnes Bernelle)
3. Everything I Wanted Love To Be
4. King Of The Fools
5. Real Evil

Side Four
1. The Stars We Are (Full Length Mix)
2. These My Dreams Are Yours (Through The Night Mix)
3. Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Solo Version)

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