KEB’ MO Keb’ Mo (MoFi Numbered, Limited Edition 180g)

1994 Self-Titled Major-Label Debut a Folk-Blues Classic

Mastered from the 1/2″ / 15 IPS / Dolby SR to DSD 64 to Analog Console to Lathe!

Pure Blues: National Steel Guitar Playing, Raw Harmonica Solos, Soulful Strumming Infuse Originals and Pair of Covers


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In an age where most contemporary bluesmen strive to mimic the past and pattern their music after the greats, Keb’ Mo’ is content to be himself. Original, charismatic, and immensely gifted, the guitarist/vocalist (born Kevin Moore) brings country blues in the late 20th century on his stunning self-titled Epic debut, which quickly climbed the charts and turned the former backing instrumentalist into a household name. Replete with gritty textures, close-up vocals, and resplendent acoustics, Mobile Fidelity’s scintillating analog version of this 1994 set finally possesses the fidelity that brings Mo’s Delta strains out of the backwoods and onto a lively back porch.

Mastered from the original tapes, this numbered-edition 180g LP represents the very first time that Mo’s watershed album has been given a much-needed sonic facelift. Gone are the hazes that obscured his singing, artificial ceilings that blunted the highs, and digital fog that interfered with the multitude of illuminating tones, details, and notes. What’s revealed is startling intimacy and soothing emotion, Mo’s gorgeous vocal timbres and inflections given equal space with his guitar, harmonica, and pace. Finally, a great-sounding contemporary blues record that doesn’t resort to derivative recycling and bland revivalism.

1. “Every Morning” – 3:00
2. “Tell Everybody I Know” – 3:10
3. “Love Blues” – 3:02
4. “Victims of Comfort” – 3:21
5. “Angelina” – 3:47
6. “Anybody Seen My Girl?” – 2:56
7. “She Just Wants to Dance” – 3:29
8. “Am I Wrong?” – 2:19
9. “Come on in My Kitchen” – 4:09 (Robert Johnson)
10. “Dirty, Low Down and Bad” – 3:08
11. “Don’t Try to Explain” – 3:58
12. “Kindhearted Woman Blues” – 3:29 (Johnson)
13. “City Boy” – 4:05

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