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Depreciated is a collection of eleven gems that take us to John R. Miller’s home place even while exploring the way we can’t go home again, no matter how much we might ache for it. On the album, Miller says he was eager to combine elements of country, blues, and rock to make his own sound. He wanted Depreciated to conjure references to recently lost heroes like Prine, Walker, and Shaver without sounding derivative. Miller has certainly achieved his own sound here with an album that is almost novelistic in its journey not only to the complicated relationship Miller has with the Shenandoah Valley but also into the mind of someone going through transitions.


Side A:

1. Lookin’ Over My Shoulder

2. Borrowed Time

3. Faustina

4. Shenandoah Shakedown

5. Coming Down

Side B:

1. Old Dance Floor

2. Motor’s Fried

3. Back and Forth

4. What’s Left of the Valley

5. Half Ton Van

6. Fire Dancer

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