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Three weeks after recording his eighth Impulse! album, Crescent – and six months before he would commit to tape his universally acknowledged magnum opus, A Love Supreme – John Coltrane’s classic quartet recorded (without the knowledge of his label Impulse) music intended to be used in a French-Canadian feature film, Le Chat Dans Le Sac (“The Cat In The Bag”).

Recording eight tracks in total, amounting to 37 minutes of music, only a fraction of the material was used in the film, and a soundtrack was never commercially released at the time, and the master tapes remained in the director’s possession (and, after his death in 1994, in his family’s), Over, 50 years later, the original Rudy Van Gelder-mixed ¼”-inch analogue tape was remastered by Kevin Reeves at Universal for its first-ever release.

“Naima” (Take 1)
“Village Blues” (Take 2)
“Blue World”
“Village Blues” (Take 1)
“Village Blues” (Take 3)
“Like Sonny”
“Traneing In”
“Naima” (Take 2)

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