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“LaFave’s favorite writer to cover is Dylan, and if there’s a better Dylan interpreter out there, I don’t know who it is. LaFave offers a dozen of Bob’s songs on Trail One and several more on Trail Four, and in nearly every case, his bluesy, emotion-drenched vocals capture the spirit of the original while adding something fresh.”

-Jeff Burger, No Depression
1. Walking To New Orleans 4:41
2. When It Starts To Rain 6:21
3. She Belongs To Me 4:48
4. Call Me The Breeze 5:01
5. I’ll Remember You 5:23
6. Rocket In My Pocket 5:13
7. Chimes Of Freedom 5:20
8. Route 66 Revisited 3:13
9. Snowing On Raton 5:39
10. Hideaway Girl 4:42
11. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 4:47
12. Worn Out American Dream 6:55

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