GANG OF FOUR Anti Hero (coloured)


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The death of Andy Gill from Gang of Four on 1st Feb 2020 generated headlines around the world, and his production and guitar playing style has influenced countless major artists and fans alike. This is the first new and previously unreleased Gang of Four to be released since his death, with all proceeds to the NHS Trust at St Thomas’ Hospital London, where Andy died.

Side A
Anti Hero EP
1) Gang of Four – Forever Starts Now
2) JJ Sterry – Day Turns to Night
3) Gang of Four – Change the Locks (2020)
4) Gang of Four – Glass (2020)

Side B
This Heaven Gives Me Migraine EP
1) Gang of Four – Anthrax (Andy speaks)
2) Gang of Four – The Dying Rays (2020)
3) Gang of Four – Natural’s Not In It
4) Gang of Four – Toreador
5) Gang of Four – Purple in Nature (Andy speaks)

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