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·        Floating Points spins out Crush highlight Bias into two different mixes – some of the liveliest dancefloor creations we’ve heard him make for some time.
·        The near-eleven-minute Mayfield Depot mix stems from a performance at the end of 2019 as part of the Warehouse Project series – the mix is based around a live recording from the night with crowd noise bleeding into Shepherd’s microphone, giving a palpable sense of energy in the room.
·        The extended mix stretches out the album version, unfolding new layers and giving even greater depth to that sparkling original arrangement – the breakbeats roll for longer at the back-end here, making it ideal for DJs who are looking for a long outro to mix out of.
“Take “Bias,” one of the LP’s strongest offerings: The track opens with subdued, almost pensive synth tendrils and brooding baritone, which intermingle and creep slowly skyward before a vibrant breakbeat sneaks in and eventually erupts, yanking the entire production onto the dancefloor.” Pitchfork

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