DEVO Art Devo 3LP

3xLP plus a 7”, Limited edition colour vinyl hot pink marbled with black, Gold foiled archive box, A set of double sided art cards, A Scratch ‘N’ Sniff image, Liner notes by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald V Casale. 


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Side A: Exhibit [A] 1973-1976
A1. Boojis Industrial Death
A2. Total Love
A3. Auto Modown (Early version)
A4. Space Girl Blues (Early version)
A5. Live Forever
A6. Androgyny (Live at Kent Kove 74)
A7. Fraulein (Kent Kove 1974)

Side B: Exhibit [B] 1973-1975
B1. Bicentennial Birthday
B2. Man From the Past
B3. Midget/My Lai Mama (Kent Kove 74)
B4. Shimmy Shake
B5. All Of Us
B6. Hubert House
B7. The Tinkle Tune

Side C: Exhibit [C] 1973-1975
C1. Private Secretary (Kent Kove 74)
C2. I Don’t Know Why
C3. Dixie
C4. Pigs Waddle (Kent Kove74)
C5. Death Of Lt. Casanova (Kent Kove 74)

Side D: Exhibit [D] 1975-1977
D1. U Got Me Bugged (Instrumental version)
D2. I Don’t Know What I Do Do
D3. Huboon Stomp
D4. Can U Take It (Early version)
D5. Uncontrollable Urge (Early version)
D6. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
D7. Falling In Love Again

Side E: Exhibit [E] 1975-1977
E1. Devo Corporate Anthem (Early version)
E2. Shrivel Up (Early version)
E3. Smart Patrol (Early version)
E4. I’m Lost at Home
E5. Untitled
E6. Never Go Back
E7. Secret Agent Man (Mark vocal)

Side F: Exhibit [F] 1975-1977
F1. Social Fools (Early version)
F2. A Plan For U (Early version)
F3. Nutty Buddy (Live at JB’s 76)
F4. Dogs Of Democracy
F5. Race Of Doom (Early version)
F6. Space Junk (Early version)
F7. Primal Satisfaction*
F8. End Message

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