DENICE WILLIAMS Free – The Columbia / Arc Recordings 1976-1988 8CD


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Disc 1
It’s Important to Me
That’s What Friends Are For
How’d I Know That Love Would Slip Away
Cause You Love Me Baby
Watching Over
If You Don’t Believe
The Boy I Left Behind
We Have Love for You
God Is Amazing
Baby, Baby My Love’s All for You
Be Good to Me
The Paper

Disc 2
You’re All I Need to Get By
Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)
You’re a Special Part of My Life
Ready or Not
Me for You, You for Me
Your Precious Love
Just the Way You Are
That’s What Friends Are For
I Just Can’t Get Over You
Touching Me With Love
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
Love Won’t Let Me Wait

Disc 3
I Found Love
Are You Thinking?
My Prayer
I’ve Got the Next Dance
Touch Me Again
When Love Comes Calling
God Knows
Like Magic
Turn Around
Why Can’t We Fall in Love?
My Melody
It’s Your Conscience
What Two Can Do
You’re All That Matters
Sweet Surrender

Disc 4
Waiting by the Hotline
It’s Gonna Take a Miracle
Love Notes
I Believe in Miracles
How Does It Feel
Now Is the Time for Love
A Part of Love
Do What You Feel
I’m So Proud
So Deep in Love
I’m Glad It’s You
Heaven in Your Eyes
They Say
Love, Peace and Unity
It’s Okay

Disc 5
Let’s Hear It for the Boy
I Want You
Picking Up the Pieces
Black Butterfly
Next Love
Haunting Me
Don’t Tell Me We Have Nothing
Blind Dating
Wrapped Up
Whiter Than Snow
Wiser and Weaker
Hot on the Trail
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
I Feel the Night
We’re Together
Straight From the Heart

Disc 6
I Confess
Never Say Never
Water Under the Bridge
Love Finds You
Not by Chance
One Less Lonely Heart
I Believe in You
Someone for Someone
Baby This Is Love
Don’t Blame It on My Heart
Disc 7
I Can’t Wait
This Is as Good as It Gets
We Are Here to Change the World
All I Need
There’s No Other
I am Sure
It’s You I’m After
Don’t Stop the Love
Hold Me Tight

Disc 8
Baby Baby My Love’s All for You
It’s Your Conscience
It’s Gonna Take a Miracle
Do What You Feel
It’s Okay
I Found Love
I’ve Got the Next Dance
Let’s Hear It for the Boy
Next Love
Wiser and Weaker (aka Wiser Gets Weaker) [Versio
I Confess
Never Say Never
I Can’t Wait

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