AMMAR 808 Global Control / Invisible Invasion


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AMMAR 808’s previous album Maghreb United (2018) a powerful mixture of deep TR-808 bass and Pan-Maghreb beats and voices received widespread critical acclaim and shook dancefloors throughout Europe, North Africa and beyond. This time Brussels-based Tunisian electronic producer Sofyann Ben Youssef (aka AMMAR 808) has travelled to the Tamil Nadu region of southern India for a breath-taking new adventure. With a suitcase full of recording equipment, he set up base in the pulsing city of Chennai and undertook a collaborative reimagining of the area’s rich and resonant musics. Ranging from trance temple sounds to rap-like street theatre performance and ending with the mathematical richness of Carnatic music, Ben Youssef’s in situ recordings form the foundation of his potent new album: Global Control / Invisible Invasion. Futurist syncopations meet hypnotic, timeless narratives. Expansive electronics fused with on-location recordings. Kaleidoscopic and exhilarating.

Marivere Gati ( Feat. Susha)
Ey Paavi ( Feat. Kali Dass )
Mahaganapatim ( Feat. K.L.Sreeram )
Duryodhana ( Feat. Thanjai Nayandi Melam )
Geeta Duniki ( Feat. Susha)
Arisothari Yen Devi ( Feat. Kali Dass )
Pahi Jagajjanani ( Feat. Susha )
Summa Solattumaa ( Feat. Yogeswaran Manickam )

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