VA – No Seattle 2CD

VA – No Seattle 2CD


Volume one of a two volume compilation of lesser-known north-west grunge from Soul Jazz records, also available on LP.

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The underground music scene of the North-west of America arose from the early 1980s, initially as a marginalised phenomenon with barely a handful of adherents, strung out in isolated towns across the vast state of Washington. In its early days bands who showed an allegiance to their roots of punk risked social ostracism and worse. Yet, by 1991, the biggest band in the world had been born from this community of outsiders.

This compilation features some of the many divergent bands who emerged out of the North-west during this era. Intensely researched and documented this album features many bands who have now disappeared from history after releasing maybe just a couple of singles, or an album, or even never making it onto vinyl – alongside some bands that continue to this day.

With fantastically in-depth sleevenotes, interviews with most of the bands, exclusive photography and all sonically remastered tracks this is a comprehensive double CD (and 2 volumes of 2xLP vinyl releases) bringing together the hidden, lost and forgotten sounds of the North-west grunge era.

Includes 44 page booklet, extensive sleeve notes, band profiles and interviews.