VA : Under the Influence Vol 3 Compiled by James Glass 2LP

VA : Under the Influence Vol 3 Compiled by James Glass 2LP


Rare cuts!!

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The ‘Under The Influence’ series has each been pain-stakingly compiled by some of the biggest record enthusiasts in the world and James Glass certainly makes the grade as ‘the crate digger’s crate digger.’ These are record hunters extraordinaire, the finders and the keepers and curators of some of the most incredible record collections out there. And when it comes to finding the funk, the groove, a strange drum break or an unexpected synth solo on a dusty old B-side, James Glass is a master of the beat. Here on ‘Under The Influence’ Vol.3 you get a lifetime’s experience of blood, sweat and vinyl with some of the hardest to find funk, disco and dance grooves out there.

From Sweet Talks brand of afro funky disco in their 1979 stomper ‘Do The Beat’ (taken from their self titled LP) to dusty old B-side’s like the P-funkesque jam, crazy horns and multiple drum breaks on Magnum’s ‘Squivatch’ that bizarrely appeared on the Wackies label, James Glass brings together a range of influences of hard to find and obscure gems, predominantly sourced from the late 70s and early 80s pre-house era.