TERROR DANJAH :Sons of Anarchy 12″

TERROR DANJAH :Sons of Anarchy 12″


UK grime from Hyperdub

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A heavy, ravey grime/house tussle between Terror Danjah and Champion, led by the finely ‘Glide’ – rude,ruthless sub-low minimalism dotted with aggy, in-yer-face squelches from the devil’s own sample-pack; proper 2013-via-2003 club ammo. ‘Stone Bar’ is ballistic, menacing 8-bar abstraction comparable to recent Visionist gear, begging out for some worthy MCs to spit over it, and ‘Sam Cro’ is one for the dubstep low-riders, but it’s ‘Explode’ that steals the show, a tour de force of nasty ragamuffin UKF.