RP BOO: Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints LP (Planet Mu)

RP BOO: Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints LP (Planet Mu)


RP Boo

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RP Boo, the OG source of all things Chicago footwork, comes correct with a killer 2nd solo album for Planet Mu. ‘Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints’ is an armoury of battle trax for the ‘floor, delivered with a conviction and density of energy that’s impossible to ignore if you’re into electronic dance music or the lineage of Afro-American sonics. As with its predecessor, ‘Legacy’, this album is a showcase of RP Boo’s finely-honed dancer’s instinct and incisive sampling technique, using uniquely fractured motifs and complex repetitions to reconfigure our physiology, so firmly attuned to rhythmic conventions, to bold and thrilling effect.

For too many stuck-in-the-mud DJs and dancers it still sounds insane, but, in the same manner as early-mid ’90s jungle, the syncopations and dynamics can only genuinely be understood by open minds and bodies (guilty feet have no rhythm). If we’re playing favourites with these trax, then the ice-burning glyde of ‘Freezaburn’ is a winner, as is the lip-bitingly tight flux of ‘Kemosabe’, and certainly the freeky ghetto funk jack of ‘Suicide’, but they’re all as wild and unique as the next joint. Definitive.