Rory Gallagher Defender LP

Rory Gallagher Defender LP


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It never took Rory Gallagher a longer time to release a new album. Five years after ‘Jinx’ (also on vinyl) ‘Defender’ was released. Although it took so long, the quality of this Blues-Rock offering is equal to his stellar ’70s albums like Top Priority and Photo-Finish (both on vinyl). Album opener ‘Kickback City’ could be a song from Bad Company with heavy pounding guitars, but also ‘Failsafe Day’ as well as ‘Road To Hell’ are by-the-book-crunch-rockers. The blazing riff in ‘Continental Op’ and the swampy, less abrasive ‘Ain’t No Saint’ complete this amazing but unfortunately less ‘hyped’ albums. This is a must-have for real Rory Gallagher fans.