PREACHERMAN – Universal Philosophy: Preacherman Plays T.J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits LP

PREACHERMAN – Universal Philosophy: Preacherman Plays T.J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits LP


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Always change your pattern, all the time. And when you go to the store that you used to go into, never get something from the exact same shelf, the same space, the same spot, all the time. Because they put people ahead of you, put a little poison on that before you walked in the door. That’s how I do it, now I can pretty much tell if I go in the store and I’m going to buy maybe a box of this and that and I only see one left, I ain’t going to buy. Because I know that’s how they get you. I never buy because I know what’s all set up, everything is all set up and politicians go through this same thing too, they see something running there all the time. All this stuff about Trump and this and that, it’s all set ups. That’s all to keep you confused so you can’t see it, that’s what they’re doing. And he knows it too. They might have gotten me again as with some kind of poison they put on me. Put poison on that and I’m trying to get that out of me. And I’ve been poisoned about a good 20 times.

People on Earth, they have to leave and go somewhere else. Just like a long time ago, around the equator, you had to go up farther on. When all the land is full, then what you do? You go somewhere else. Or you kill each other. That’s it.

They killing each other, boy they got it all down, don’t they? But with the music thing I think it’s just something, that’s the inside. You know, I was always an inventor. I was always building stuff, making something sound better so that’s kept me going. So I can do that in the garage, where I have worked a job, come back at night and work on that a little bit and go out and work again. I just did it little, by little, by little this and that, then this, then this. And then uh, we reached this point here. This is a good point here.

I see it coming all the time because they listen to you all the time. Any time they do anything, his chief affairs in legal try to crush you. But that’s what they do, they do it to each other. And that’s espionage. When I was working at IBM, everybody hated everybody, so now they reduced themselves down to about 10 companies that own everything. I call it garage espionage. They just spy on everybody in the world before you can even see it coming.

Garage espionage, I said. But, it looks like everything’s collapsing and I’ll be glad when it does collapse. It will allow new things to come about.