PIN GROUP – Go To Town 12″ EP

PIN GROUP – Go To Town 12″ EP


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Limited edition of 1000 copies

Pin Group emerged out of the early ’80s Christchurch scene and, with just two stunning singles and one brilliant five-song EP, became an archetype for nearly all indie bands ever since.Roy Montgomery, Ross Humphries and Peter Stapleton only played about 12 gigs in total, but have already been compiled twice on two different continents and have had their entire oeuvre reissued by Superior Viaduct in the original format.

Both their 7 inch singles, ‘Ambivalence / Columbia’ (first ever release on Flying Nun, fact fans) and ‘Coat / Jim’, were released in the closing months of 1981, and The Pin Group were back in the studio in January 1982 to record their third and final classic release.

Featuring an expanded five-piece lineup with Mary Heney on guitar/vocals and Peter Fryer on viola, Go To Town is a work of taut perfection. Showcasing the band’s dramatic chiaroscuro textures and arresting lyrics, “Long Night” and “When I Tell You” make staggeringly clear how much sonic ground The Pin Group covered in their unfortunately short tenure.

Notes by Liz Harris (Grouper).

Track Listing:

  • Power
  • Long Night
  • Ambivalence
  • When I Tell You
  • A Thousand Sins