@ Peace and the Plutoninian Noise Symphony LP

@ Peace and the Plutoninian Noise Symphony LP


@Peace and The Plutonian Noise Symphony follows on from the collective’s Valentines Day released Girl Songs, somewhat of a concept EP about the different stages of being in a relationship.

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On this latest effort the group transcend into outer worldly territory, with reoccurring themes of space, time, evolution and religion. ‘Lite Year’ delves into the effects of time dilation and tells the story of two people drifting from earth around the sun, ‘No Stars In The City’ talks of getting away from metropolitan life to see distant galaxies, and ‘Stranger’ talks from the point of view of an astronaut landing on an occupied planet and its host alien.

In between the spaced out themes, the group manage to tap in further to their brand of sophisticated hip hop. Hints of soul and jazz are evident in first single ‘Gravity’, with untraditional chord progressions and time signatures topped by the fast spitting vocals of Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau. The handy work of beatmakers and musicians Christoph El Truento, Hayden ‘Dandruff’ Dicky and Brandon Haru continues to step outside of the box, offering a fresh, unorthodox approach to the genre. The vocal presence of Scott and Tuiasau is often mutated through the use of pitch bending and shift, adding layers of extra-terrestrial-like voices. The effects are most heavily utilized on opening track ‘Weightlessness’, a tripped-out soundscape which sets up the overarching vibe of floating through another dimension.