PATTEN : Estoile Naiant

PATTEN : Estoile Naiant


Leftfield Electronica from Warp.

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Patten’s music is all sharp edges, cut from shapes that never sit easily alongside one another. The largely anonymous London-based producer has been around for a while, releasing music by others on his Kaleidoscope label, and making his first venture as patten with a CDR titledThere Were Horizons back in 2007. His first official release, GLAQJO XAACSSO for No Pain in Pop, demonstrated his Warp fandom. This new collection, ESTOILE NAIANT, offers an alteration of the patten sound, picking up a thread from the more thought-out structures of last year’s EOLIAN INSTATE EP, where room to breathe became as important as the restricted spaces of his prior work.