NIGHTMARES ON WAX : In a Space Outta Sound LP

NIGHTMARES ON WAX : In a Space Outta Sound LP


Downtempo delight..


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George Evelyn – Nightmares on Wax – is Warp’s most enduring act though not one of their most prolific; this is only his fifth album since making bleep techno for the label in 1990.

Yawning gaps are probably expected from an artist who has an album called Smokers Delight and accepts invitations to judge the quality of weed at competitions in Amsterdam – though Evelyn’s lush, detailed, often cinematic music can’t be hurried.

His previous album, 2002’s Mind Horizon, was ill-received by fans who baulked at its poppier approach; In a Space Outta Sound eschews froth – and a whole lot more – in favour of a minimalist approach that is a return to the form of his 1990s output.

The vintage guitar inflected dancehall of Flip Ya Lid and Pudpots’ extreme, discordant funk will move dancefloors, but the rest of the album would best be soaked up from a sunlit hammock – or from a sofa. Damn unfurls over seven minutes on a piped motif that would charm a snake from its basket and the plaintive vocal of Mozez adds the necessary weight to epic soul ballad I Am You.