NIGHTMARES ON WAX : Mind Elevation 2LP

NIGHTMARES ON WAX : Mind Elevation 2LP




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Mind Elevation, the fourth album from Leeds-born DJ/producer and hemp hedonist George Evelyn, is another welcome hit of chilled beats, entrancing melodies and soothing soul-drenched vocals. While persevering with the use of live instrumentation, first introduced on 1999’s Carboot Soul, Evelyn–a one-time judge of Amsterdam’s High Times Cannabis Cup–has fortunately not sacrificed any of the dreamy ambience and looped samples that made 1995’s Smokers Delight such essential post-club listening. He has though finally abandoned “Nights Interlude”, an interpretation of Quincy Jones’ “Summer In The City”, that traditionally opened all prior Nightmares on Wax (NOW) albums. In its place lies “Mind Eye”, a languorous spiralling instrumental groove that sets the pace way down low and stirs an entrancing breezy summer vibe that drifts throughout the album. Alongside the cool mix of mellow hip-hop, soulful r’n’b, and ambling ambient effects, comes the lilting if occasionally overstretched vocal talents of Chyne B. “Got To Know My Name”, the most upbeat NOW track to date, sees her joyously waxing lyrical over an impossibly funky, retro-soul melody. Sadly her other contributions such as the r’n’b-lite “Date with Destiny” prove disappointing. But with the majority of the album bringing the feel of a joyous sun-drenched afternoon to your speakers, you can sit back and rest assured that Mind Elevation really does do what it says on the ti