NATHAN HAINES Shift Left (25th Anniversary) 2LP

NATHAN HAINES Shift Left (25th Anniversary) 2LP



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Originally released in 1994, the album is a subtle, astute meltdown of jazz and hip-hop by the preternaturally mature Haines and his fellow musicians whose diverse backgrounds came into play across the 11 originals. The album was released by Verve Records in the UK in 1995 and remains New Zealand’s biggest selling jazz album, while also forming the blueprint for Nathan’s future releases and his international career path. Now expanded with three new remixes.

  1. Last Night
  2. East River Drive
  3. Lady J
  4. Sonovabitch
  5. Shift Left/Waiting To Hear
  6. Twelve
  7. Chinese Burn
  8. During Days Like This
  9. Just Like That
  10. Epiphany
  11. Twelve (Haines and Booker Remix)
  12. Epiphany (Julien Dyne Remix)
  13. Lady J (P-Money 94 Remix)