Naram – March Of The Gremlins 2LP

March Of The Gremlins

Naram – March Of The Gremlins 2LP


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Originally from Wellington’s notorious K-hole region, Naram is a reggae fanatic
with a penchant for vintage synthesisers, cheesy 80s horror films, Test Match Cricket
and dal makanis.

Back in the day, he primarily operated as a selector – however he always enjoyed
producing low-fi digikal riddims for a laugh. Then, in 2010, he took off from
New Zealand with a bicycle, a tent, and a plan to ride from Australia to Scotland
via Eurasia (also just for a laugh).

During the course of his successful bicycle adventure he managed to procure an iPod
Touch from a dodgy gentleman in Hanoi, Vietnam. Using said iPod – and an app
called NanoStudio – he started building a few riddims again, usually in his tent each
night after a hard day’s pedaling.

While the road to building a good riddim was long and arduous, eventually – some
15,000km on from Hanoi – he struck gold on a roadside in Turkey with a thing called
March of the Gremlins riddim. Upon finishing said riddim, he decided to pedal to
Leipzig to play it to the man like disrupt – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now finished with the iron horseplay, Naram has set up shop in Australia’s
Coburgistan region (north of Melbourne). Rather than risking a repetitive stress
injury to his thumbs with the iPod, he now spends his days in a classic analogue
studio/bedroom with a growing arsenal of vintage synths, keyboards and effects –
including his secret weapon, the Suzuki Omnichord.

His debut release, March of the Gremlins, features an eclectic mix of digikal delights,
some produced in his tent on the iPod – and others built in the aforementioned studio.

As well as producing a steady flow of deadly digikal riddims, he flings down
dubplates with Echo Chamber Sound in Melbourne alongside fellow kiwis L Que
and Colonel Mustard. He is also the new chief propaganda advisor for Jahtari.