MoFi Record Cleaning Bundle

MoFi Record Cleaning Bundle


Three top-class products from Mobile Fidelity at a special price

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The MoFi Record Cleaning Bundle collects together three top-class products from Mobile Fidelity at a special price. Included are:

MoFi One Cleaning Solution (16oz/470ml)
Designed specifically for manual cleaning, MoFi One is very similar to the best-selling MoFi Super Record Wash. The main difference is that MoFi One uses Laboratory Grade alcohol, an extremely pure alcohol, as a drying agent. Not only does MoFi One clean your records amazingly well, but it dries very quickly too, letting you get back to playing records in a flash

The MoFi Record Brush
Designed to dig deep into the grooves and remove more grit, dirt and debris than any other record brush on the market. With a sturdy handle, a flat scrubbing surface and replaceable pads, the MoFi Record Brush is an essential tool in the quest for pristine records.

Original Master Sleeves (50)
These durable and protective inner sleeves are OEM equipment for many high-end record labels and now they are available for you to use on your own collection. Super soft, breathable poly with a rice-paper stiffener make these sleeves the perfect protection for any record.