Malawi Mouse Boys – He Is #1 CD

Malawi Mouse Boys – He Is #1 CD


The Malawi Mouse Boys have been playing and writing music together since they were children. This is their first album – a collection of rootsy and authentic songs of faith and love, reminiscent of the rural, southern sounds of mid-20th century American gospel music.

The album is produced by GRAMMY winning producer,Ian Brennan (Tinariwen). With vocal-powerhouse, Zondiwe Kachingwe, 22, playing Sam Cooke to
27-year-old Nelson Muligo’s stonecold Keith Richards,the only real obstacle to catching lightning-in-a-bottle musically, were the tiny spiders that kept crawling into the hard-drive and crashing the mobile system recording them on the clay-ground beside their hut.

 Performing at WOMAD NZ 2015.

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