DJ RASHAD / Various: Decadubs 2 EP (2×12″)

DJ RASHAD / Various: Decadubs 2 EP (2×12″)



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Dedicated to DJ Rashad, Hyperdub yield one of the sickest sets of Footwork and bass tunes you’ll hear on vinyl in 2014. In line with Kode 9’s original sonic concepts exploring the intersection of cybernetic culture, philosophy and forward dance music, in 2014 the label’s remit takes in up-to-the-second Footwork from Chicago alongside the gulliest London Grime and hyper-coloured computer boogie from a far-flung but like-minded pool of producers. Arguably the most exciting pieces on this volume come from that virulent Chicago scene, most notably with the shocking polymetrics of DJ Earl’s ‘I’m Gonna Get You’, and the intense pressure of Heavee’s ‘Icemaster’, whilst fallen scene leader DJ Rashad & Gant-Man team up for the traditionalist-futurist ghetto bang of ‘Acid Life’, and their Teklife bro Spinn drops the bombast of ‘All My Teklife’. We’re also introduced to DJ Taye on the hyper-boogie of ‘Get Em Up’, and the final side is given to relative label veterans, with highlights in Champion’s ‘Power Cut’ tribal rufige and the lurch of Ikonika’s Tug Zone’. Recommended!