LATE NIGHT TALES : After Dark Nightshift (Various Artists) 2LP

LATE NIGHT TALES : After Dark Nightshift (Various Artists) 2LP




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The Italians call it notturna, the French nocturne, in Spanish it’s nocturno, while the Estonians say öine. (Trust the Estonians to be different.) A nocturne is a French term to describe a musical composition that is inspired by or evocative of the night, which seems apposite. The most famous modern nocturne is, of course, ‘Harlem Nocturne’, as recorded by countless jazz musicians. If you like, you can just call it the night. The point is it’s when the fairies come out to play and the bass is at its loudest (the two are not necessarily related). DJ Bill Brewster comes armed with a sensitivity and sense of occasion that few other DJs possess – and as go-to scribe of liner notes for every Late Night Tales release since day one, his association with the series is symbiotic.The tempo might be slow, but the quality control makes Louis Vuitton look like the 2 dollar shop. Gathering together some of the hottest new material, some judiciously chosen old gear, an edit or two this compilation is blended like a disco nutri-bullet.

After Dark 2
Compiled and mixed by Bill Brewster, who takes you on a journey via the Clapham omnibus, that takes in languid electronica, rare space-funk and dark house
Including killer unreleased tracks from Chicken Lips’ Andrew Meecham, Fernando, The Grid & Robert Fripp among others
Includes bonus exclusive download code to the unmixed track versions in both WAV and MP3 formats