KYLESA : Exhausting Fire LP

KYLESA : Exhausting Fire LP



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Exhausting Fire is Kylesa’s most experimental work to date, but that’s not to say it doesn’t riff out on occasion. “Shaping the Southern Sky”, while a little misleading toward the majority of the album’s content, is Kylesa’s most metal track since Spiral Shadow, guided by a chugging riff that would sound at home on a High on Fire album. Another highlight, “Blood Moon”, tries on a black metal aesthetic that works surprisingly well.

Kylesa don’t seem to be particularly interested in being a big, bad Southern metal band, just like they never wanted to be a flashpoint for anger after getting over their early punk phase. Exhausting Fire has heart, both sonically and lyrically. It moves with confidence, content with its explorations, and it’s engaging because of it. Such an amorphous approach to heaviness is becoming more common in metal, an often rigidly traditional genre, and Kylesa continues to push those boundaries as forerunners of the post-metal movement.