KODE 9 : Xingfu Lu 12″

KODE 9 : Xingfu Lu 12″


Kode 9

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We’re a long way from the UKF-inflected house manoeuvres the Hyperdub skipper was making on 2011’s Black Sun; instead lead cut ‘Xingfu Lu’, which fans will know has existed for at least a year, firmly channels footwork through Memories Of The Future’s haunted dancehall. Spend even a minute with ‘Xinfu Lu’, though, and you’ll see it’s no ordinary juke pastiche: it’s properly dubwise, its sickened, weasly synthesizer lines and chopped-to-f**k drums seem designed less to mobilise your feet than to stir up the voices in your head. This is properly fractured, paranoid head music disguised as a club track, reminding us more of vintage On-U-Sound or Mark Stewart than a Spinn or a Rashad. On the flip ‘Kan’ uses a similar stripped palette of scuffed 808 hits, stabs and near-chiptune arpeggios, though this slice of finely-tuned ghetto psychedelia perhaps sounds a little too much like an old Zomby track to get the juices flowing. All about ‘Xinfu Lu’ for us, full murder at 160.