KODE 9 : Nothing (Coloured) 2LP

KODE 9 : Nothing (Coloured) 2LP




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Kode9, also known as Hyperdub label head Steve Goodman, always creates multilayered tracks that sound built from another era or planet entirely. From his work driving the early dubstep scene to the formidable rise and influence of Hyperdub, Goodman’s vision is one that is singular in its devotion to the connective tissues of electronic and dance music genres. In Kode9’s music (and littered throughout the Hyperdub roster) is a harmonious bridge between styles. His music is not without history and ideas, and Goodman openly embraces it.

The most complicated forms of techno and footwork are built simply, from the ground up, and on Nothing, we hear the simplicity of each component and how it all comes together to make the music that we love. “I’ve always tried to be open to the idea of music as transversal, as impersonal – like a cloud, or a virus that passes through populations,” Goodman told The Guardian. “It might start with an individual producer, but once it’s out in the world – as an entity that’s inhabiting, parasiting, using human bodies as hosts – somehow it attains a collective intelligence all of its own.”

‘Nothing’ leaves you awash in the sounds of the everyday: The static of the television not turned entirely turned off, the lull of old appliances stumbling to stay on after years of wear and tear.