KASPER BJØRKE : After Forever LP

KASPER BJØRKE : After Forever LP


Late night listening from Kasper Bjørke


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On his latest experiment, After Forever, Kasper Bjørke channels his friendliest ghost yet. He has walked through the walls of the dance halls that had haunted him for so long, and released a record better listened to on headphones or through speakers at home rather than in sweaty crowds and seizure-inducing lights. After Forever opens with “Rush,” featuring falsetto vocals via Tobias Buch. R&B-inspired bass and guitar riffs mingle melodically with pipe organ synths as the track sets the tone for the ambient ride that is After Forever. On the mellow and moody “Sylvia,” CMT sings her soft and sleepy Sade-invoked vocals, smooth as glass, as soft bongo-style beats and melodies that recall early ‘80s synth-dosed ballads by Duran Duran and Depeche Mode ripple through the background.