JOHN DOE : Best Of 2LP

JOHN DOE : Best Of 2LP



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Sequenced non-chronologically, The Best of John Doe: This Far was compiled with four vinyl sides in mind. (“Side three is the quiet side,” Doe offers.) There was no formula—these are simply Doe’s favorite moments including in-concert staples, pivotal collaborations, personal milestones and even a pair of unreleased reexaminations of songs from his past. The album features guest musicians Kathleen Edwards, Aimee Mann, Neko Case and Grant-Lee Phillips. Of making this album, Doe comments, “When you look backwards, you just end up thinking ‘I wish I could write that song again—that was a good one.’ You gotta keep going forward. But, within the past five years or so, I’ve begun to realize some of the advantages of reflection. It’s always shocking to see how far you’ve gone and how close it is to where you started. The trick is to be more at home with what’s real, and not what you want reality to be.”