JOE BONAMASSA – Blues of Desperation CD

JOE BONAMASSA – Blues of Desperation CD


Everybody knows Joe Bonamassa has awesome chops, as he demonstrates on album after album. But he’s always been pretty conscious of the quality of the songwriting on his records as well, and on Blues of Desperation he reaches out to a group of people whose bread and butter is the song.

All but one track on Blues of Desperation was co-written by Bonamassa and a cadre of big-time Nashville songwriters that includes Tom Hambridge, Jeffrey Steele, Gary Nicholson, Jerry Flowers, and, on six tracks, James House. All of these guys are known for monster modern country cuts, and Hambridge and Nicholson have extensive blues catalogs as well. But they’re all also professional musicians; all but Flowers (Keith Urban’s bassist) are respected solo artists in their own rights. So they understand how to write songs with lyrics designed to do more than just give the lead player a breather, something Bonamassa, unlike many blues/rock players, understands as well.

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