JLIN : Dark Energy 2LP (Planet Mu)

JLIN : Dark Energy 2LP (Planet Mu)




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Jlin breaks thru the Chicago footwork ranks with one of the scene’s most fascinating, essential mutations in ‘Dark Energy’, co-presented by Planet µ and Jamie Kuedo’s very promising new Knives label. It’s quite possibly the most distinctive contribution to footwork since the RP Boo album and Rashad’s jungle splices, and, in such a fast-moving (quite literally) and active scene, that’s gotta be saying something. Keener Chi watchers may have previously checked Jlin’s standout ‘Erotic Heat’ and ‘Asylum’ joints on the Bangs & Works Vol.2 compilation but, since then, the Gary, Indiana-based producer has honed an incredibly tight new style and pattern, exhibited here with shocking impact. Rather than breathlessly frantic chops and hyper momentum, she favours offbeats and more spacious arrangements, but isn’t afraid to lace them with visceral, forward tones; as with the zig-zags of ‘Infrared (Bagua)’ which sounds like an alien instrumental version of Usher and Luda’s already mental ‘Dat Girl Right There’, full of quarter, half and triplet rhythm switches, or in the razor-edged synth strobes that scan Holly Herndon’s vocal in ‘Expand’. Factor in the frankly unhinged hyper-tech flux of ‘Abnormal Restriction’ and the richly expressive percussive motifs of ‘Unknown Tongues’ or the adroit brutality of ‘Guantanamo’ and you’ve got something really, really special. Incredible stuff – Massive recommendation!