FIELD MUSIC: Commontime CD

FIELD MUSIC: Commontime CD


Field Music

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Alternately slick and herky jerky in its delivery, Commontime, the band’s sixth full-lengthplays like post-punk Steely Dan—jazzy, elegant, and ultimately satisfying, but not always in the ways you expect or necessarily want. It opens with “The Noisy Days Are Over”—a slyly funky missive that both acknowledges and rejects the pains of growing older. “The noisy days are over/ And here we are instead,” harmonize the brothers. “Why don’t you go to bed like everybody else? Why don’t you grow old like everybody else?” It’s hard to know to whom exactly the two are singing—or if the song is somehow self-directed—but it introduces a sentiment that flourishes throughout Commontime. The album’s 14 tracks function like bits of shared conversation, the brothers’ interweaving voices shedding some of the obtuseness of earlier releases in favor of songs that openly address the perils of the everyday—the often mundane nature of relationships, the gravitational pull of childhood memories, and accepting one’s own shortcomings.