DUSK + BLACKDOWN : Back 2 go fwd>> (2 X 12″)

DUSK + BLACKDOWN : Back 2 go fwd>> (2 X 12″)



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Dusk & Blackdown seal a vintage year for Keysound Recordings with the darker pressure of their ‘Back 2 Go FWD>>’ doublepack, including remixes by Horsepower Productions and Facta. The pair’s first material since the ‘Dasaflex’ (2012) album finds them reminiscin’ about the red-lit sweatbox at Plastic People, which used to host the foundational FWD>> events – the Rinse-affiliated precursor to the DMZ events and today’s influential Boxed nights. But Dusk + Blackdown don’t feel beholden to it, instead finding a healthy balance of respect and progression from the wavey, technoid skipple of the title track and the rugged cut ‘n parry of ‘Timeless’, to Blackdown’s rogue Funky remix of Epoch’s ‘The Steppenwolf’. The remixes are solid, too: Horsepower Productions gives ‘Wicked Vibez’ an Original Garage rave re-lick, and Facta reduces D&B’s ‘Drenched’ to a heavily swung, blocky tool.