CLARENCE REID – Running Water LP (blue vinyl)

CLARENCE REID – Running Water LP (blue vinyl)


Ltd to 750 copies on blue vinyl


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Clarence Henry Reid wrote and arranged for Southern soul artists such as The Dells and Betty Wright, while his sound and style helped define TK Sound & sister label Alston. But his name is not instantly familiar: and Running Water, his second album, makes a case for why Reid has been unjustly overlooked.

Not completely overlooked though: soon after this album, Reid created an alter-ego called Blowfly,  whose hilariously blue songs and bizarre costumes made him an underground legend.

Running Water is a wonderful record revealing the talent Reid had for straightahead Soul, with his writing and performing .

1. Living Together Is Keeping Us Apart 2. New York City 3. If It Was Good Enough For Daddy 4. Real Woman 5. Please Accept My Call 6. The Truth

1. Ruby
2. Love Who You Can 3. Please Stay Home 4. Like Running Water