BROOKE FRASER : Brutal Romantic LP

BROOKE FRASER : Brutal Romantic LP



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As Brooke explained to TimeOut recently, after finishing Flags, she wanted to start exploring a new soundscape to set her voice against: “Different textures – spiky things and cold things and mechanical things, to bring out the tension and contrast and balance.”

What is heartening to find is that such a creative exploration can be as satisfying for the listener as for the artist. These new electronic textures find her using sharper, heavier drums and bass, along with colder, deeper layers mixed with intricate, varied astro-synths, horns, strings, piano, and choral, almost gospel-like backing vocals. And with the help of producer David Kosten, she’s made these the perfect foil for her strong, strident, voice, which swoops from pure, to fragile, to husky. It’s a combination that reminds of Florence Welch, Ellie Goulding, and Feist, while still sounding distinctly like Fraser.

She hasn’t wedded herself to any one genre – there’s a little EDM, a little disco funk, hymn-like sections, some southern, blues tinged moments. But what all these elements add up to is still a grand pop record with an often cinematic flavour.