BONNIE RAITT – Dig In Deep 2LP (45rpm 180g)

BONNIE RAITT – Dig In Deep 2LP (45rpm 180g)



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“The Ones We Couldn’t Be,” the final track on Bonnie Raitt’s soul-rattling new album, “Dig in Deep,” is a rueful hymn to what might have been. “My glass is raised for all the ways/We tried to get it right,” she sings, sifting through the remnants of a relationship that could be romantic or familial.

Ms. Raitt, 66, has long had a knack for conveying the voice of experience, as a bottleneck guitar hero and a singer-songwriter steeped in rhythm and blues. “Dig in Deep,” the second release on her own Redwing label, is a digest of her proven strengths: For every bittersweet ballad, there’s a steamrollering groove.

Ms. Raitt’s band tears into a few playful but persuasive covers (like “Need You Tonight,” by INXS).

And she wrote or was a co-writer of five new tracks — her highest ratio on an album in 18 years.