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Baroness’ new album Purple is the colour of fresh bruises. Musically, it’s a  combination of their Red and Blue albums, which makes sense for those of you that are familiar with Baroness’ previous work. Purple has some of the strongest songs Baroness have written to date; it’s melodic rock music that achieves a balance between the band’s more metal leanings, and something more delicate and sparse. Purple also marks a number of firsts for the band. They’re releasing it themselves on their new Abraxan Hymns imprint, and instead of recording with John Congleton, who produced the last couple of albums, they worked with Dave Fridmann, best known for his longtime collaboration with Flaming Lips (and you’ll notice a larger presence of psychedelic keyboards throughout). It’s also the first album to feature the new lineup, the same group as that first tour after the bus crash that stalled the roll out of their previous album Yellow & Green, and at this point they play together like longtime vets.